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About Us

Our Background

Aurae was founded as a group of friends working together to create builds in Minecraft. We have always had a competitive spirit, striving to be the best we can be. Our projects have consisted of commissions from Minecraft servers, and some simply for the joy of it. All projects are made with professional experience and imagination.

What do we look to accomplish?

We aspire to create convivial, innovative, and charismatic projects. Most importantly, we hope to inspire the community around us with ingenuity and creativity in projects.


Chase Baker

I'm SwiftBeatz, I am passionate about architecture and business. I have been building in Minecraft for 4 years, and managing teams for 2 years now. I am proudly the founder and CEO of Aurae.

The Team


I have been interested in building since about two and a half years now. I had building ideas in mind and had difficulty to turn them into builds, and I wanted to change that. After I built some builds I was fond of and not happy with, I decided to search for a Build Team where I could improve even more and get others to give me ideas and suggestions. That moment has been over a year ago, and I don't regret making that choice.


Hello, my name is Quinten Rijken (Qu1nten). I have been building for over 6 years, I specialize in organics and terrain although I love creating structures. I make free renders and sometimes I like to draw.


I have over 4 years of experience with a wide range of creative platforms offered through Minecraft, including building, coding with command blocks, custom mapmaking, and working with servers. In addition to being in Team Aurae, I am a part of Team Nectar, the official build team for the Hive. I enjoy all aspects of building in Minecraft, such as the easy accessibility, versatile tools, numerous styles, and unlimited possibilities.


I have been building for about 2 years now. While I primarily do organics and landscapes, I enjoy exploring different types of architecture as well.


I'm Tori, my building career was a new way for me to explore my creativity. I started around early March 2017 and was doing terrain. I had the opportunity to work with a decent group of builders who helped me grow and improve my skills. I can now also do interiors and exteriors (and am still working on plants etc)


I'm a compassionate individual who strives for perfection and excellence in Minecraft architectury. I've been building since a couple of years and have worked under multiple teams and served coutless clients. My focal aim is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide work of high standards and foremost quality.


Hi, I'm Buildtech. I have been building for 4 years, starting from pocket edition then moving into the pc community. I specialize in structure and organics.


Hey buds! I'm CommonSentence, a Minecraft builder for AuraeDesign. I've been building for a few years and I love creating very unique and creative builds. I mostly specialize in structures and terrain, although I love branching out into new styles of building.


I started building in 2015 in minecraft pocket edition and recently moved to java edition, I have built with many build teams across the two platforms. I can build I decently in any style but my favourite is Baroque.


Hi, I'm JustSimplicity.


Hi, I'm Mydełko.


Hi, I'm Teemwoh.


Hi, I'm Rembulan.


Hi, I'm Greenwindu.

Terraformer & Render Artist

Hey, I'm Barbarian. I specialize in 3D-Environment and 3D-Rendering. I've been working with Minecraft for appoximately 9 years. But environments and renders for about 3-5 years or so. Some of my favorite renders and environments is when it looks surreal or psychedelic, because the norm is too boring in my opinion.

Render Artist

Hey, I'm Ethan but you can call me fixy. I am an aerospace engineer student by day and a Minecraft render artist by night. I have been rendering for around a year now and have a lot of experience in both Physical and V-Ray render engine. Some of my favourite render scenes are night and sci-fi as I love the glow effects you can apply to materials, making the renders look unique and great. I hope to progress my style over the coming months and I take a lot of inspiration from the photos that I capture.

Render Artist

halloa! My name is Ansgar aka Hiajen aka Meep. I started rendering for a schoolproject and continued lerning for this point of time on. I am a kind and calm person who helps everyone who asks for it. I'm a gamer/programmer/renderer.


My name is Ene Adrian, I am from Romania and I'm 15 years old. I started as a graphic designer on October 22, 2016 when I made a business card (after a tutorial). In my first year, I did not have a very high profile after I started having my own clients. I have pleasure and passion in what I do. When I grow up, I want to open a team of designers, and I can hire myself in the future.


Hi, I'm Rinchou.


I'm Vividly. I'm a professional graphic designer with four years of experience. My graphic work spans from professional logos to 3d animation.


I'm a web- and JVM-based developer who, although hardly plays the game anymore, still does Minecraft development using a variety of server softwares. I've worked for multiple projects, such as Rythm. I'm an active FIRST FRC member (team 5892) who enjoys learning new concepts and applying those to all parts of my life.

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