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A team of artisans inspiring the Minecraft community with brilliant creations and design.


Using Minecraft to connect with all.

Aurae uses Minecraft as a creative medium to create art in the sense that Minecraft is our open canvas- and we plan to make good use of it. We use unique textures, artistic shapes, and the tools available to us not only within the game but beyond it to reflect the atmosphere and context of our projects.

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What is Aurae?

We are a team of Minecraft content creators.

We aim to leave only but the best impression on our clients.


We strive to consistently provide a premium service for our clients so they'll always leave satisfied.


Each and every commission is treated with absolute care and dedication to ensure the smoothest experience possible with us for our clients.


We value our clients' needs and we take the most necessary action and the most direct route to create a well-refined end product.


In order to appeal to a larger audience, we've extended our range to reach most reasonable budgets.

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